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Data Dissemination

P-CASA utilizes its research findings to educate Paterson’s leaders on a variety of issues relating to youth access to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Specifically, P-CASA educates the city’s key stakeholders on its data collection methods, its findings, and areas of concern.

This “data dissemination” process provides coalition members, community leaders, and government officials easy-to-understand information about the state-of-affairs regarding Paterson youth’s activity with alcohol, tobacco and drugs.


P-CASA’s data dissemination efforts include technical reports like 2017 Report of DFC Indicators and 2016 Alcohol Policy Brief. All of P-CASA's reports include demographics, policy initiatives, and findings from surveys that were administered to Paterson youth pertaining to their perception and access to drugs in Paterson.



In addition, P-CASA partners with social media consultants and graphic designers to disseminate infographics. Infographics are visual representations of information and data that are spread through social media and traditional print. All of P-CASA's infographics represent local level Paterson data that the Coalition has collected. Our use of infographics is strategic as the message we are spreading is more visual in nature and requires more than text, data or charts to communicate successfully to our target audience.


P-CASA also has used its research as the foundation for a billboard that was recently placed in key locations in Paterson.