Community Outreach

The primary purpose of the Community Outreach Subcommittee is to ensure P-CASA effectively includes and connects with stakeholders from Paterson’s 12 key sectors: Youth (18 or younger), Parents, Business, Media, School, Youth-serving organizations, Law enforcement, Religious/Fraternal organizations, Civic/Volunteer groups, Healthcare professionals, Government Agencies, and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse. This subcommittee develops a recruitment strategy based on need/gap analyses and continual assessments of Coalition members.


Environmental Prevention Strategies/Action Team

The primary purpose of the Environmental Prevention Strategies/ Action Team Subcommittee is to develop strategies that create positive and lasting change in the Paterson community. By focusing on policy, enforcement and communication, this subcommittee strives to produce widespread behavior change that reduces the community’s access to alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.


Data Management

The primary purpose of the Data Management Subcommittee is to create and maintain a system for collecting, reporting, storing and retrieving relevant, valid and reliable data. The data collected helps P-CASA prioritize and plan its substance abuse prevention services. This subcommittee also helps facilitate the administering of the Paterson Youth Survey and assists with the gathering of needs assessment data from various sources (e.g. alcohol outlet density data from Paterson ABC Board and the formative data collection to inform social marketing campaigns).