Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock is a P-CASA initiative that uses visually engaging warning labels (stickers) to inform the public about the consequences of providing alcohol to minors. These stickers boldly highlight the fact that anyone who provides/purchases alcohol for someone under 21 years old can be fined up to $1,000 and spend up to 6 months in jail.

To maximize their impact, the stickers are strategically placed in the windows of stores where alcohol is sold, and can also be stuck on containers that hold alcohol. The messages appear in both English and Spanish to best meet the needs of Paterson’s diverse community.



Will You Help Us Build a Better Paterson?

P-CASA understands that we can accomplish much more by working together with the wonderful people of Paterson. If you or your organization want to help build a safer and healthier Paterson for our youth, join us as we work to eliminate underage drinking, tobacco, and substance use.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Attend P-CASA meetings
  • Participate in a P-CASA subcommittee or working group
  • Provide access to survey participants
  • Help distribute prevention messages and materials
  • Advocate for policies and ordinances that align with P-CASA’s goals and mission
  • Provide insight and solutions to community concerns
  • Represent P-CASA at community events and meetings
  • Recruit community members to join and participate as P-CASA members