Partner Spotlight

Sgt. Dalton Price – Paterson Police Department

P-CASA is proud to shine the spotlight on Lieutenant Dalton Price.

Dalton Price is proud to say he is a lifelong Paterson resident and Lieutenant with the Paterson Police. During his 20 years on the city’s police force, he spent a lot of time in High Impact Units.

Dalton Price has been active in P-CASA since it was formed in 2012. “The Coalition brings quality people together to improve and maintain a better Paterson,” he explains. “I’m proud to be a member and excited about the opportunities I’ve had to use my personal and professional experience to add value to the group.”

His favorite thing about Paterson is the people. “They are so willing to work for the day that they see a better way of life for the people of this great city,” he says.