• Straight and Narrow: 380 Straight St. (973)-345-6000 ext. 6611 – Provides prevention, education and treatment services to clients with addictive disorders and HIV virus
  • Eva’s Village: 393 Main Street (973)-825-7297 –  Eva’s Village mission is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted and provide medical and dental care to the poor with respect for the human dignity of each individual.
  • Paterson Counseling Center: 319 Main St. (973)-523-2248 – A comprehensive multi-faceted medical facility specializing in the treatment of of those suffering from addiction.
  • Damon House: 175 Market St. (973)-279-5563 or (973)-828-6002 – A rehabilitation program for individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs within a safe and healthy living environment
  • Turning Point: 680 Broadway #104 (973)-239-9400 (treat youth of all ages) – Provides alcohol and drug rehab, detoxification programs, and outpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction.
  • Well of Hope CDC: 207 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (973)-523-0700 (treat youth 13+) – Provides drug treatment, prevention programs, HIV/AIDS education and testing, etc..
  • Options Counseling Center: 9 West Broadway (973)-345-1883 (treat youth 13+) – A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center treating those suffering from substance use disorder and mental illness.
  • PerformCare NJ (Helpline for youth and families) (877)-652-7624 – PerformCare New Jersey is committed to helping youth and young adults gain access to substance abuse and behavioral health treatment. Refer youth to residential substance abuse treatment centers in  your area