Testing Makes Us Stronger is a national campaign created by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a special focus in cities where black gay and bisexual men are heavily affected by HIV.

What You Need To Know:

You may already know that gay and bisexual men are the population most affected by HIV in the U.S. Black gay and bisexual men are getting hit particularly hard by the epidemic. Studies in major cities have found that, in those cities, nearly one in three black gay and bisexual men is infected with HIV, and the majority (59%) don’t even know it because they’ve never been tested or aren’t testing enough.[1]

From 2006 to 2009, new infections in young black gay and bisexual men (ages 13-29) increased by 48 percent.[2]

But, there is reason to be hopeful, since we have the power to stop HIV. Knowing your HIV status is a powerful tool – whether you test positive or negative, you can use that knowledge to take better care of yourself and your loved ones. We encourage you to get involved and to change the course of this epidemic for yourself and for your community.

Getting tested for HIV will make you stronger because you will have the information you need to make good decisions about your sexual health and your future.

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